Why work with us

strauss-spring-1457994_1280Hiring the right copywriter for your campaigns is an all-too-important task, as well as a challenge. To help you in narrowing down your options, we have generated the top ten reasons why you should consider working with us.


Top Ten reasons to choose Words from a Feather


1. Making waves, not noise

It has never been harder to make your marketing message stand out in a world of ‘noise’ . We are all about keeping it fresh – looking to put a unique spin on each and every editorial and advertorial – whatever the topic.


2. Planning for success

Having many years of experience managing the production of several magazines in 15 languages, all running concurrently, there is little in any planning and scheduling process to frighten us! So, when your resources are challenged, call us in and we will hit the ground running.


3. Understanding your business is our business

Sometimes you need someone on the outside looking in. Words from a Feather will first get an understanding of your business and what you want to achieve; take that and shape it, using new ideas, to create an impact.


4. You and yours are always on our mind

We work with you to gain a picture of who your target audience is. From that point on, your customers will be at the forefront of our thinking, so you can trust us to craft your marketing message from words which will resonate with them.

5. Throwing new ideas into the mix

We look at the world through the eyes of your customers. Our stories sell because we tell them as your customers themselves would. This helps us to build a marketing approach for you with a new and fresh perspective on your product. We can’t do this alone. A lively and fun collaboration with our clients can quickly result in the evolution of concepts which will take your business to a whole new level.


6. Some things never change –  great service is our No. 1 priority!

With a travel industry background, bad service has always been a bug bear of ours. This is why you can expect nothing less than the utmost professionalism when you put your products in our hands. Delivering your projects, on time, within budget, aligned to your specifications and with reliable communication, all comes as standard. And we start by listening to you and your needs.


7. Our passion lies in the world of holidays and travel

We should all have a passion for something in life – and everyone loves a holiday! With more than ten years’ experience working in travel, we love nothing better than producing a story which inspires people to get up and go discover the wider wonderful world. And if your product or service is not travel-related, don’t worry, because we are just as passionate about inspiring people to get out and buy what you know they need.


8. Play to your strengths

So look at your team… There’s the data geek running up the wing; the creative types floating about in the box ready to pass the ball; and the bean counters in defence. But if your team is struggling to find the right striker to send your ball into the back of the net with feeling, then come to us and we’ll put the right words into play for you to hit your goals.

Words are a powerful tool when you can find the right ones, and ours don’t cost the earth! We are happy to have a free, no obligation discovery chat to discuss your tactics!

9. Benefit from competitive pricing 

Some projects are best completed on a day rate, and others on a word count. Either way, we offer reasonable and realistic pricing options that won’t break the marketing bank. It starts with an informal chat which will cost you nothing, but may well save you a great deal in the long term.

10. B2B or B2C – we can B it all

Our marketing experience spans the world of commerce – consumer and business editorial/advertorial; print, digital, blogs and social media. It is unusual to find marketers and copywriters who can empathise with both a consumer and business audience. We do exactly that. We have proven communication skills across a range of products and audience types, telling stories to engage and inspire across a myriad of media.


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